nello - the new hello for your intercom

nello is the doorman in your pocket, giving you full control of your intercom through your smartphone.

Hands-free entry

nello buzzes you into your building automatically when it senses your smartphone. No more fumbling around for keys when your hands are full and a quick entry when you go for a run. It's also very easy to set up yourself.

Keyless access to your appartment

Smart Lock entry – Coming soon

Integrate nello with your smart lock for keyless access to your apartment. With the ability to operate the lock from the nello app on your smartphone, you'll never need your key again. Plus you can share this keyless access to guests and service providers visiting your apartment.

Access your home without keys by integrating smart locks

Service provider entry

With nello, service providers can have automatic access to your building. That means parcels and groceries brought right up to your door. Access is also made easy for your housekeeper, personal butler, dog walker or airbnb guests, with nello notifying you of every entry.

Give automatic access to unattended services such as cleaning services, packages and groceris deliveries

Pre-authorized entry

Control who has access to your building and apartment around your own schedule. You choose the date, time or timeframe for you and your family, guests and service providers.

Give access to people by providing them an access code for the dialer intercom system
Don’t just take our word for it

“[Nello] will be a doorman for apartment dwellers.”

Nello started as Monkey at Kickstarter

Which nello is right for you?

Dialer intercom systems in USA
nello tello

For dialer intercom systems

Standard intercom systems in Europe
nello one

For standard intercom systems

  • Keyless Entry
  • Unattended Services
  • App Management
  • Upgrade Chip

Not sure which type of intercom you have? Send us a picture!